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Legal Nurse Consultant 

My name is Carmen Bowling and I am a highly-motivated, goals-focused transformational nurse leader with 30+ years of experience working and managing in a variety of nursing areas including critical care, neuro, oncology, med surg including COVID units, pediatrics (NICU Level III and Specialty Nursery), and Women’s Health, including L&D and Postpartum.  


My true passion lies in labor & delivery because I believe every person should have their own exceptional birth experience regardless of the outcome. I have led quality initiatives to decrease healthcare disparities, improve patient care processes, and improve the confidence of nurses through the implementation of simulation-based education to improve response and outcomes of obstetrical and neonatal emergencies.  I love everything about being a nurse. 

"Extend yourself in kindness to other human beings whenever you can" ~ Oprah Winfrey 

The Mission of B & H 

We believe that evidence-based practice and doing the right thing lies at the core of everything we do as nurses. When we fail or use misguided judgement, we fail our patients, the providers we support, and the institutions that we serve. 


B&H Consulting is passionate about patient care and best practices while advancing the practice of evidence-based nursing. We give expert opinion on nursing, quality, patient safety, and risk. Our services include review of medical records, nursing policy & procedures and best practices, to ensure that at the core of patient care, at the minimum, the standard of care was provided. Subject matter expertise available in Obstetrics, Women’s Health, Neonatal Care, Quality, Patient Safety, and Risk, Oncology, and Medical Surgical Care. 

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